Plastic injection moulding

Buchanan offers a complete contract injection moulding service and has an inhouse moulding factory that has all the necessary equipment to deliver your products and will supply your articles bagged or boxed as required. We have a specialised team that focuses on manufacturing quality parts, and always deliver on time.





Buchanan has focused on reducing the one negative feature that is always associated with injection moulding – the initial tooling cost! When it comes to small components, for examples plastic washers/spacers and bushes, Buchanan has developed a unique system which eliminates the need for a new mould base and consequently the initial tooling cost is minimal and if the product warrants it, Buchanan is prepared to supply the product with no tooling/setup cost at all! We give you  quality assurance everytime.


Buchanan offers a full machining service specially tailored for low volume specialized component. Our service is capable of handling very small to large components in a wide range of metals.

Our EDM capacity allows us to work with pre-hardened materials and produce non-spherical internal profiles.

Tool Making

Buchanan has its own extensive toolmaking facilities which allow us to take a new product from a concept through to production with the whole process happening inside its own doors. The tool room is the essential place where the mould is developed and completed. This also allows the customer to experience the process step by step as the tool is made.

Having its own tool room also means that Buchanan can carry out any maintenance or improvements on customers moulds in house without subjecting them to the dangers of transport and the unknowns of outside labour.

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